gender reveal event

an exciting and monumental moment for new parents

Whether you choose to throw a gender reveal party, find out the old fashion way at the doctor’s office, or keep the reveal between you and your partner… when you are ready to announce it to the world, we can capture this moment on film for you.

a unique announcement for your family, friends and loved ones

Welcoming a new little life into the world is exciting and while you will have a lot more important things to learn about them than their gender, a gender reveal is a monumental moment for many new parents! Until a few years ago, most parents, if they chose to do so, discovered their child at a doctor's office. Now, parents keep the sex a secret until they are surprised with their closest family and friends. We have nothing but joy for parents wanting to celebrate this moment, and what better way than to capture it on film for many years to come.

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the reveal collection


The Reveal Collection is our basic package which offers filming video coverage at your gender reveal party.


2 hour of coverage at your location

1 Cinematographer
Premium audio capture

3-minute highlight film

Digital Delivery



the surprise collection


The Surprise Collection is our deluxe package which offers video coverage at your event, and adds a photographer to capture photos and enhance your collection


2 hours of coverage at your location

1 Cinematographer

1 Photographer
Premium audio capture

5-minute highlight film

Digital Delivery



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