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We offer wedding cinematography bundles with photography, stand-alone photography packages, or stand-alone cinematography packages. we can alter these packages to suit your needs. please contact us to discuss it further.




featured add ons

Our featured add-ons are tailored to give your wedding a creative boost

Feature Film

Upgrading to a Feature Film from a Cinematic Short Film may be a great idea as it includes more content from your wedding day extending your Wedding Film to 10 memorable minutes. The Feature Film builds on the Cinematic Short Film and digs deeper into your wedding day story including more footage especially from your ceremony and reception.


10 memorable minutes of film footage from your wedding day


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Documentary Edit

Everything is important on your wedding day. With a documentary edit, we will edit your wedding ceremony and reception in its entirety. Cutting between all the camera angles and mixing the audio – creating professional and chronological videos of your Wedding Ceremony and/or Reception. That means you are able to have your full wedding ceremony and full wedding reception – from beginning to end. You can either order one (just the ceremony ) or both edits (both the ceremony and reception).


Editing of your ceremony and Reception


Need a more tailored solution for your wedding day needs, here are additional services and features you can add to your package to make it more complete


love story

concept film

instagram teaser

A 3-5 minute story of your relationship (interview based). Your wedding guests will enjoy getting to know you as a couple at your wedding reception.

A 1–2-minute cinematic video featuring you and your fiancé. Can be used as a Save the Date Video or an elegant and intimate representation of you as a couple.

A Sneak Preview of your wedding. A 1 minute Instagram Teaser delivered within 2 weeks after your event.




rehearsal dinner coverage


Once you've made all the decisions for your wedding ceremony and reception, it's time to focus on one of the most important pre-wedding events: your rehearsal dinner. Not only is this an ideal time to greet guests who've traveled from out of town, but it’s also a great way to kick off your wedding weekend. We would be honored to film your rehearsal dinner to add to the celebration of you wonderful day.


additional cinematographer


We recommend an additional cinematographer for large events of 300 or more guests. This allows us to capture more angles of your event and more importantly, more shots of your wedding guests. For example, as the bride and groom prepare for the ceremony, if they are getting ready in two different locations, then one can film the wedding party during your picture-taking session, and the other can go to the cocktail hour to capture footage and interview guests.


AERIAL drone coverage


Just like the opening scenes of Hollywood movies, aerial drone footage is a video from above that is captured by a remote-control-operated camera. Customized just for your wedding, our aerial drone add-on offers three consecutive hours of coverage by an FAA-licensed operator. Subject to FAA's airspace regulations and any (TFR) temporary flight restrictions.


bride & groom preparation


Filming the Bride & Groom's preparation can ensure that you have a well-rounded video and it showcases a behind-the-scenes look as we capture those intimate moments when the bride and groom are getting ready for the big event. This type of footage is often used to open up the wedding video. It sets the tone and shows the excitement of the best of what's to come.


additional hours


Adding hours to your wedding day allows us to capture a few more moments that happen throughout the day, especially at the end of the reception.


(per hour)

motion books


Motion Books, are beautiful linen bound video albums that feature a gorgeous display, built in audio and most importantly – your wedding film. Simply open the cover and your wedding film will come to life.


raw footage


A hard drive full of ALL of the footage we captured on your wedding day. Unedited. 500 GB hard drive included.


streaming services


Live streaming is an exciting way to host your event online to family and loved ones remotely. We capture your wedding using multiple, professional video cameras (usually 2-3) and switch between them to make sure everything is captured perfectly.



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