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D. edward gibbs


Coffee lover, dog owner, movie buff. I majored in computer science & BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND I consider filmmaking my escapism and life long passion

Aubreann loving


I have always considered myself a visionary. In any project I've ever taken on, I have brought a sense of personal creativity. Photography is no exception, and I strive everyday to learn new and creative ways to influence my photography. I am an animal lover, and photography started for me by taking photos of my horse and my cats. They have inspired me to create my best work.

Transitioning to professional photography has been a dream of mine for a long time. I look forward to keeping up with new technology and finding new and exciting techniques to influence my photography. Silhouette Creative Films has been a blessing because the team encourages me to be my most creative self and that is what makes me happiest of all.

horse lover, love to cook, passionate about swimming, watching marvel movies, theme parks, and every now and then I like to indulge in arts & crafts.

Jessica De Soto



At a young age, I knew I had a gift to heal the broken and expose raw truths in ways my intellect wasn’t able to grasp. Throughout my life experiences, my footsteps have led me to capture people’s stories in ways that create awareness, and help, and inspire others, ushering me into pursuing creative directing, photography, videography, writing with an unquestionable thirst and passion to fulfill my destiny.

I contrast with the norm and illuminate the unseen with my luscious mind. I create substance with wisdom and emotion that keeps me feigning for life. My voice is not timid or soft, it’s loud. The words that flow out of my mouth into the opinions I integrate from my mind, are filled with naked and natural truths, that reflect in my creative world. My outlook on life seems forbidden or unheard of at times but I feel it’s beautiful, like a ripe sunflower in the sunlight. I fill in missing tones with colors from my intellect so I can exploit and strip them from their masks and reveal the truth. I am not blind nor deaf. I listen to the rhythms of my soul and I let the vibrant colors of my heart express the visions in my mind.

As a creative artist, I’m truly grateful for the my God-given gifts to ideate, create, design and produce through the elements of photography, videography, photojournalism, writing, and social media, and most importantly, bring visions to life. That’s why I’m grateful of becoming part of the Silhouette Creative Team! Working with like-minded people is certainly a blessing. Check out my portfolio with some of my most recent work.

I'M AN L.A. baseD Photographer, I LOVE VideographY and I HAVE A BACKGROUND AS A Creative Director, and As a Journalist.

andy chen


Photography is a big part of my life. As a photographer, I want my photos to be viewed as bold, and exciting - connected to a world in which the subject, be it a product or person, stands out, shines. Viewers need to be transported, and my photos achieve that through careful compositions of color and tone. This is the power that photography has always had for me. At Silhouette Creative Films, I follow the same pattern for every wedding I photograph, it is a process whereby I strive to bring the creative side to life and make the subjects part of the story. I welcome you to take a look at my portfolio.

The other part of my life revolves around my family, especially my kids. In particular, I want them to see how vital creativity and discovery are to a complete life. We cook together and experiment with how different vegetables, proteins and seasonings interact. In this way they’ll see that invention can occur at home just as it does in culture, nature and interactions between people.

Avid PING PONG PLAYER, love to go to the beach, museums, and art shows. I take time out to meditate and consider life to be an important journey filled with discovery and vivid moments wound together in the fabric of time.

wendy bouchard


I’m Wendy. I am a professional commercial and editorial photographer. I left Canada in 2009 for what I thought would be a year abroad. But here I am, more than a decade later, happily living and working in California. I gradually adjusted to city living and feel privileged to have spent a large chunk of my adult life in some of the most vibrant metropolises in the world. Still, I remain a country girl at heart, more comfortable splashing barefoot in creeks than surrounded by concrete.

I specialize in editorial, commercial, portrait, documentary, and travel photography assignments, both here in the U.S, and worldwide. I feel privileged and honored to have met the group from Silhouette Creative. They took me in and treated me like family. I’m happy to go out of my way to ensure that the couples we meet have a joyous experience and that they receive the best and most luxurious quality photos from their wedding day. I look forward to meeting you soon. Until then, have a look at my portfolio

animal lover, love to eat, interested in astronomy, art, environment and conservation, and i look forward to spring time, my favorite time of the year.

Our clients say:

"Working with Silhouette Creative Films was a breath of fresh air! Edward was very professional and detailed, and he seemed to want our ceremony to be as perfect as we hoped for. The team woke up early to support us the day of, captured amazing footage and audio, and created an amazing edited video for us to share with friends and family! We are lucky to have worked with such an amazing videographer and would definitely recommend their services to others who want to capture their memories on camera."

"Thank you Edward for all your hard work. We truly appreciate all of you. You made our day that much more special because you caught moments we never would have. We can’t wait to share your work with all of our family and friends. We absolutely LOVE it !!!!"

- Katrina & Mike

San bernardino, california

- Micaela & Ryan

Huntington Beach -


"We absolutely love our wedding video and all of the memories captured throughout it. Edward and his team were highly professional, courteous, and knowledgeable with regard to everything we would want in a wedding video. From the use of drones to capture amazing overhead footage, the lighting, to the video editing, when we watch our video, we feel like we're watching a cinema quality film. They were able to perfectly capture a day that was a whirlwind and create a beautiful lasting memory for us."

“Silhouette Creative did a fabulous job with our wedding video! We loved their work so much we even changed our wedding date just to be able to work with them! They were kind, patient, and made sure they did everything they could to ensure we received all the shots we wanted. We could not be happier with the work they did for us and we would certainly recommend them to any bride and groom!”

— thomas & Abbi

duarte —


— Kirk & LIsa

marin city —


"We are so happy that we went with the team at Silhouette Creative as our cinematographers for our wedding. We absolutely love the short film that they put together for us with their expertise and creativity and in the way that we initially requested. We will forever cherish it, as well as the videos of the pre-ceremony, the whole ceremony, and the reception that they have captured, too. We definitely feel as if we’re reliving the day whenever we watch our video."

— Terri & Monica

San Francisco — California

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